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Dimide Heavy Duty Clamps

Dimide Heavy Duty Clamps

The Dimide Clamp effortlessly delivers over 5,000 lbs of clamp force, unlike other clamps where you will find yourself struggling to deliver a meager 1,000 lbs of clamp force regardless of their rating. With this amount of clamp force, setups that used to require 5 clamps now require only one Dimide Clamp.

The Dimide Clamp also tightens 10x faster than other clamps thanks to impact wrench compatibility. This saves you time by not only reducing the number of clamps needed for your set ups, but also by significantly reducing the time required to tighten each clamp.

Besides simply saving you time, the Dimide Clamp also frees up space on your setups. If you're like many of us, you've had countless setups where you simply couldn't fit enough clamps on a jig while also being able to access your work. By reducing the number of clamps needed, your days of struggling to fit another clamp onto a setup will be in the past and you'll always be able to access your work with ease.


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