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Hydraulic Tools

Chicago Pneumatic (CP) supplies a complete line-up of hydraulic demolition tools - and you won't believe how convenient, portable and versatile they are, particularly if you travel to a new site every day, do the job in hours and then move on. Take the power source, for instance. Instead of towing a heavy compressor, you have a compact, portable hydraulic power pack.

OK, but do these tools have the power I need?

You will be pleasantly surprised. With hydraulic tools you get raw power from the power pack directly into the tool. They not only feel more powerful but they actually outperform other, comparable tools. Take our 16-inch saw. At full throttle, you have all the power of an 18 HP engine in your hand in a tool weighing only 23 pounds.

For building renovation, highway maintenance, utilities and all situations where portability and flexibility can save time and effort, hydraulic tools are the solution. Use them anywhere, independent of electric or pneumatic supply, in all weather conditions.

Bet they cost an arm and a leg!

No. In fact, for construction and rental many companies, there are major cost advantages. For instance, for the price of one compressor/breaker combination, you can purchase two complete hydraulic power pack/breaker packages.

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