CT150 Carbide Tip Annular Cutters 1-3/8in Depth - Jim & Slims Tool Supply

CT150 Carbide Tip Annular Cutters 1-3/8in Depth

Maximize cutting performance of any portable magnetic drill press. Their superior - Triple Edge - cutting action outperforms ordinary high speed steel annular cutters and twist drills 6:1. Cut holes in cast iron, steel and ultra-hard or exotic alloys with the added ability to produce overlapping and interrupted holes easily.

  • Ultra-hard carbide teeth permit faster cutting even on tough materials and shapes.
  • Cuts clean burr free holes
  • Feature Weldon style flats.

Triple edge cutting: The CT series features two sets of three cutting tips each with different geometries, balancing the cutting forces. This enables higher feed rates and smoother drilling.


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