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Web Strap Puller Hoist

Web strap puller hoists provide security and long-lasting dependability for a long service life over a wide range of lifting, moving, and holding applications. They are precision-engineered and constructed of premium materials to ensure reliability, boost productivity, and minimize downtime.

Strap hoist units are always a perfect choice in the utility industry, because of their non-conductive nature with an all-fabric, nonmetallic strap. They are extremely convenient, because of their size and design. Web strap puller hoists are small, lightweight, portable, and available to lift, pull, or hold your application in place. They can move an item from 1 to 1.5 tons with a double or single pull-style strap.

A web strap puller hoist safely isolates the ratcheting gear and resists binding, because of an oversized strap guide and bottom block assembly guide that moves the web strap smoothly onto the drum and prevents kinks. There are many features included for added durability – the straps are designed with corrosion-resistant features such as stainless-steel springs, bronze bushings, drum shafts, self-lubricating bearings, and drop forged steel hooks. A friction brake design and double interlocking pawls allow for micro-inching when lowering loads. There is low-handle effort with 1:1 gear ratio and up to 1 to ½ inch lift for 45-degree handle stroke.  This increases worker productivity and limits the operator’s overall fatigue as he uses the hoist.

The ratcheting drum releases the web strap slack without freefalling. The web straps include larger, easy opening, 360-degree swivel hooks with safety latches. There is an overall open housing design for quick cleaning and fast daily inspections. Purchase the best web strap puller hoist at a great price, and we deliver straight to you.


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