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Material Hoists

We offer a full select of material hoist and hoist accessories to tackle most jobs out there. See the full selection of high quality and dependable manual chain hoists, electric chain hoist and lever hoists and accessories from Jet Tool and Milwaukee Electric Tools.

See our selection of reliable quality OSHA approved manual chain hoist. There is a broad selection of lifting capacities from 1/4 ton all the way to 20 ton. Standard lifts are available up to 30ft, but custom lifts can be ordered.

The electric chains hoist we offer are designed to handle industrial and commercial applications. Our selection of OSHA approved electric chain hoist is available in 1/8 ton through 10 ton lifting capacities. Standard lifts are available in 10ft, 15ft, and 20ft. Custom lifts are available.

Reliable OSHA approved lever hoist flor lifting, pulling and holding applications. These compact portable hoist are handy t have on any job and have many uses. They are available in 1/4 ton - 9 ton lifting capacities and 5ft to 20ft lifts.

Web strap puller hoists are small light weight and portable, and convenient to have available to lift, pull or hold your work piece in place. We offer 1ton and 1-1/2 ton strap pullers. Strap pullers are popular in the energy industry because of the nonmetallic strap.

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