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Electric Hoists

An electric hoist is the number one choice for lifting a heavy object. It can pick up and relocate a dense, weighty item quickly and easily without risking injury to you and your workers. Electric Hoists are powerful enough for commercial and industrial applications but useful for small-scale projects. They are available for purchase in single or three phase electrical configurations with capacities from 1/8 ton to 5 tons.

This powerful equipment is a great investment, because they move heavy materials without requiring manual labor and extra workers to complete the task. This saves time and money on the construction site, in a warehouse, in a garage, or at a factory. Our price makes these affordable enough for anyone who is considering buying an electric hoist.

Our electric hoists are practically two machines in one. They are versatile enough to lift vertically but can also move an object horizontally if you need to pull a load across the ground or through a warehouse. If you will be using a hoist indoors, an electric hoist is the best choice, because it is much quieter than a hydraulic hoist.

When choosing your hoist, consider the time you will use the hoist. Electric hoists operate by weight, so if you are raising or moving an item that weighs less than the maximum weight, it will work faster, which can extend the lift of you hoist. When properly operated and maintained, our electric hoists can handle ongoing usage and are a great investment. Buy a great piece of equipment today and purchase a long-lasting, durable electric hoist at our great price.


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