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Conduit Carts & Pipe Dollies

Conduit carts and pipe dollies are necessary for moving pipe around fabrication shops and other locations.  We offer pipe buggies, rack carts, grasshopper dollies, crickets, and standard pipe carts with vee attachments. No matter the job, we have offer durable, long-lasting equipment to safely move the heaviest pipes.

A cricket does more work than just your average pipe buggy. Use the leverage handle to secure the pipe to the cricket, flip the cricket and pipe, and lift the pipe. The handle repositions to make all this leveraging simple with just one operator for a pipe weighing up to 1000 pounds.

A mobile pipe cart is an all-purpose, safe, and secure way to transport an individual pipe or stacks of pipe up to 34 inches. The base of the cart has 6 caster wheels, offering more stability than just 1 wheel on each corner. The extra caster wheels in the center also give better rotation to tightly spin the cart right where you need it. The cart comes with posts and vee attachments which easily come off without tools for quick and easy storage.

A Mac Rack or a Hanger Mac are excellent equipment choices to have in your shop. Mac racks provides 8 levels of sturdy pipe storage by cradling the cylinders. The masts easily fold down with push-pins for quick storage and no extra tools. Also consider a hanger mac (with or without mesh base) to quickly move multiple pipe hangers at once, saving time and money. When not in use, the hanger mac folds for easily for storage to save space in your shop.

A grasshopper can relocate extremely large pipes with just one operator. A special sliding chain block design accommodates long and short loads of pipe weighing up to 2,000 pounds.

When you have the right equipment, you can move the heaviest pipe unassisted, without risking injury. Purchase a cart or dollie today at our great price, and have the equipment delivered right to you. No need to rent equipment or wait on extra assistance, when you can buy from us without breaking your budget.


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