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Kraft CF274B Pool Trowel 10in x 3in Blue Steel with Camel Back Wood Handle



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Short Shank Blue Steel Pool Trowel with camel back handle are made of Professional quality blue steel pool trowel is precision balanced and ready-to-use. High quality blue spring steel has the perfect amount of give which allows for a more flexible blade when finishing. Each blade is cross ground to just the right dimension for that perfect feel. Rounded edges prevent surface gouging while finishing the cement. A high-strength, lightweight cast aluminum mounting stands up to the rigors of concrete work. The short shank provides additional flexibility to the blade. Compression fit stainless steel rivets attach the mounting blade. An oversized toe rivet provides extra strength when applying pressure during finish work. Guaranteed No-Turn handle design locks the handle to mounting. Kraft Tool's signature flat trowel with smooth wood handle provides a comfortable grip. The contoured shape of the handle reduces fatigue. Proudly made in the USA.
  • F1Precision balanced, ready to use!
  • F2Flexible blue steel blade
  • F3Cross ground blade for perfect feel
  • F4Round ends won't gouge surface
  • Also Known As:Concrete Trowel, Cement Trowel, Flat Trowel, Finishing Trowel, Pool Trowel, Trowel, Trowel with wood handle, Pool Trowel with wood handle, blue steel trowel, blue steel finishing trowel, blue steel cement trowel, blue steel concrete trowel, blue steel flat trowel, blue steel pool trowel, crucible blue steel trowel, round end trowel, flexible trowel, short shank trowel, small trowel, short trowel, American made trowel, American made tools, made in the USA, Made in America, American made
  • UPC765139609790
  • MPNCF274B

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