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ICS 566117 890F4-FL Concrete Chainsaw Hydraulic Powerhead w/8ft Whips

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Powerhead Only - Does not include a bar or chain
890F4 Flush Cut Hydraulic-Powered Concrete Chain Saw

The ICS 890 Series hydraulic cutting system offers the superior strength of FORCE4® technology. From the redesigned, more durable rear handle, to the easy to replace drive sprocket, this saw is engineered to stand up to your toughest jobs. In a package that exceeds industry standards this sleek powerhouse is packed with features designed to make it work as hard as you do.


  • Cuts within 3/16" of a wall
  • Redesigned rear handle offers improved ergonomic cutting and greater durability
  • 3 scratch resistant bubble levels for more accurate vertical and horizontal cutting
  • New drive sprocket design allows for quick replacement in the field
  • Universal motor across 890 series saw platforms and compatible with ICS 880 series saw
  • Available with 1' or 8' hoses; 1/2" quick disconnects included for convenience
  • New secondary water shut off valve for flow metering and water conservation


Bars and Chains for 880F4/890F4/701-A Hydraulic & Pneumatic Saws
P/N Description
531743 ICS ProFORCE-25 chain 10 in
525342 ICS ProFORCE-29 chain 15 in
531749 ICS ProFORCE-34 chain 20 in
525345 ICS ProFORCE-40 chain 25 in
531745 ICS ProFORCE-25 Premium L chain 10 in
525343 ICS ProFORCE-29 Premium L chain 15 in
531751 ICS ProFORCE-34 Premium L chain 20 in
525346 ICS ProFORCE-40 Premium L chain 25 in
531739 ICS ProFORCE-25 Premium S chain 10 in
531735 ICS ProFORCE-29 Premium S chain 15 in
531741 ICS ProFORCE-34 Premium S chain 20 in
531737 ICS ProFORCE-40 Premium S chain 25 in
531747 ICS ProFORCE-25 Abrasive chain 10 in
525344 ICS ProFORCE-29 Abrasive chain 15 in
531753 ICS ProFORCE-34 Abrasive chain 20 in
525347 ICS ProFORCE-40 Abrasive chain 25 in
537764 ICS PowerGrit Chain 15 in
537765 ICS PowerGrit Chain 20 in
545017 ICS PowerGrit Chain 25 in
529829 ICS Force4 Guidebar 10 in
523080 ICS Force4 Guidebar 15 in
529767 ICS Force4 Guidebar 20 in
525320 ICS 890F4 Guidebar 25 in
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