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Material Lifts

Construction professionals need solid, dependable material lifts for most any project or job site. Our extensive offering of material and contractor lifts ensure ease of portability for all objects, whether large and heavy or too awkward to manage on your own. If you’re lifting from the ground or moving an object at counter-height, we have a lift solution for you. These sturdy and dependable lifts take an object from the job site straight to a truck bed or van interior while protecting your workers and your material.

Series 1900 Lifts are designed with a robust winch with two positions for additional leverage allowing you to lift loads up to 400 lbs. Front swivel casters, large rear wheels for rough terrain, and transport wheels at top ensure your load is moved safely and securely.

Series 2000 & 2100 Lifts are compact lifts offering stronger mast design and a superior cabling system. The shorter mast sections allow the 2000 to travel through doorways without tipping and fit nicely into vehicles with small storage space.

The 2200 Lil' Hoister is one of our most versatile lifts useful for both industrial and business applications. It’s designed to be compact yet strong, transportable, and able to handle bulky, heavy loads.

Series 2400 Lifts are compact and extremely portable for one-man operation, fitting easily in most vans and SUVs. These lifts are ideal for HVAC contractors, electricians, industrial maintenance professionals, and steel erectors with an improved lifting capacity of 450 lbs.

Series 2500 Lifts offer counter weight power for lifting 650 to 1,000 lbs. Featuring no front legs to interfere with lifting makes this piece of equipment ideal for hanging pipe against a wall.

The Stacker Material Lift, with a 400-pound lifting capacity, is ideal for most any professional work room. The adjustable work platform is the most efficient lift for loading customer’s vehicles or moving items to and from counters.

Shop our extensive material and duct lift offerings to ensure you find the most affordable and durable lift for your needs.

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