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Portable Hand Held Cut-Off Saws

We offer a wide selection of portable hand held cut-off saws to handle any project, large or small. Choose the right saw to fit your application for cutting concrete, steel, masonry, ductile pipe, stone, concrete pipe, and other materials.

Electric cut-off saws are lightweight and easy to use. They are also popular for being more affordable than some of the other hand held saws available. These saws are durable and can handle heavy loads, ideal for most light duty interior applications where fumes from gas powered saws may be a problem. These commonly use a 14in. diameter diamond blade or abrasive blade and have the ability to cut over 4in. deep. The electric cut-off saws are usually used in dry conditions, but versions are available now that offer a wet cutting option.

Gas powered cut-off saws are the most popular and versatile saws. These are used for a wide variety of applications from cutting concrete, asphalt, pilings, masonry, rebar, roots, and many other materials. Because of their versatility, they are popular among all the construction trades including concrete, masonry, utility, mechanical, and others. They are also used by city, state and local municipalities in the utility, streets, and other departments.

Air powered saws are versatile, lightweight, and generally very quiet to operate. These are popular among underground utility contractors and utility departments because since most have tow-behind compressors. Air powered saws are also ideal for working in ditches, inside buildings, and other places where fumes from gas powered saws aren't allowed. These saws have the ability to handle blades from 14in. through 18in. They are powered by up to a 9.5hp motor to handle the most demanding cutting conditions.

Hydraulic powered hand held saws are great when pure power is needed for heavy duty cutting applications. Hydraulic saws are popular among professional cutters because of the power they produce and the dependability of the saws. These saws are designed for cutting pilings, bridges, walls, floors, and many other things with the right blade. Like the air powered saws, the hydraulic powered saws are an ideal choice for interior cutting, cutting in diches, or other confined spaces where fumes aren't acceptable. These are available in 14in. or 16in. blade capacity.


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