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Reed PES8BT Bear Hug PE Squeeze Tool System Base Tool 3-8in Capacity

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Bear Hug from REED is a modular squeeze tool system for PE using hydraulic cylinders for an industry-leading 83,400 pounds of squeeze force. The pumps and base tool are rated for 10,000 psi. Based on job needs, choose from an air-over hydraulic pump PESAPA (no. 04330) or manual hand pump PESMPA (no. 04329) to work with the PES8BT base tool. Due to the tool size, REED recommends two-person operation. REED Bear Hug features a double bar configuration for most confident squeeze. In addition to more secure flow stoppage, a double point squeeze is safer as it lessens any chance of pipe damage. A bottom swing-out bar with latch allows for simple pipe enclosure. Compact and lightweight (for the industry) at 175 pounds, the PES8BT can be lifted into position with its oversized U-bolt. The double-acting system is designed to squeeze and release with hydraulic pump. No more reliance on internal springs for retraction since those spring systems are more prone to wear over time. Color-coded stops increase visibility of stop sizes and help operator quickly confirm that stops are set properly, thus reducing user error. The pipe centering arrows aid in alignment. PES8BT base tool includes stops for 3 to 8 inch PE pipe in common DR sizes for North America pipe sizes. Plus, SDR 9 size is new for REED on PES8BT. Additional stops are underway for metric pipe. All PE squeeze tools use positive stops to prevent damage caused by over-clamping. Multiple size/SDR settings on one pair of stops provide quick, convenient over-squeeze protection for standard pipe sizes. Removeable carry handles reduce tool width when needed. Attached saddle clamps remain with the tool, eliminating lost clamps. With its 12-ft hoses, the pump can be set at ground level, above the squeeze tool. For safety, there is a choice of two grounding rod installation spots. REED Squeeze Tools for all US nominal pipe sizes follow these standards: ASTM F1041, ASTM F1563. NOTE: REED strongly recommends use of the PEGR7 Static Grounding Device (#04621) with PE Squeeze-Off Tools. Use a grounding device as a precaution against static build-up. Dissipate the charge and minimize the possibility of ignition.
  • F1Base squeeze tool of the REED Bear Hug Squeeze Tool System.
  • F2Requires either a manual hydraulic or air-over-hydraulic pump for operation.
  • F3Includes two sets of color-coded stops for North America (imperial) pipe sizes.
  • F4Double bar design for squeeze confidence and less residual impact on the pipe.
  • F5Massive 83,400 lb. squeeze force.
  • F6Saddle bolts can be hand-threaded to mechanically lock the tool in the squeeze position.
  • F7Saddle clamps are mounted right to the unit for operator convenience.
  • F10WARNING: Cancer and Reproductive Harm -
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