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ICS 531741 20in ProFORCE Premium-S Diamond Chain for Cutting Concrete

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Fits the 880F4,890F4, & 890F4-FL Hydraulic Concrete Chainsaw and the A-701 Pneumatic Concrete Chainsaw with the 529767 20in F4 Guide bar. Built to cut fast in medium to hard concrete.

Diamond chains are not all created equal, so insist on Diamond Chains from ICS®, the people who invented the technology. As the inventors of Diamond Chain Technology™, ICS is committed to continually improving the quality and versatility of this important advance in concrete cutting; chains specifically designed  for different saw types as well as the many different materials you encounter on the job. Choosing the right chain for your needs is essential to getting the best value for your purchase.


Diamond Chain Technology

MAX Series diamond Chain

Segments designed for general use | Laser welded to patented chain chassis | Contains patented SealPRO® O-ring technology for longer life | Available for all ICS GC gas powered saws | Segment types for general and specialty applications

FoRCE4® Series diamond Chain

Strongest, most durable, patented chain design | Laser welded diamond segments | Contains SealPRO O-ring technology for longer life | Designed for heavy, professional use | Available for hydraulic and gas powered saws



Chain SeleCtion Chart


Soft Stone/abrasive/ Brick


natural Stone


Medium Concrete/ light reinforcement


hard Concrete/ heavy reinforcement

Twinmax™ For everyday use



Twinmax  Plus - For harder materials


Twinmax Abrasive - abrasive materials




ProForce™ - all purpose


ProForce-l - longer life


ProForce-S - Faster cutting speed



ProForce abrasive - Perfect for brick




  • F1Strongest, most durable patented chain design
  • F2Laser welded diamond segments
  • F3Contains SealPro O-ring technology for longer life
  • F4Designed for heavy, professional use
  • F6Available for hydraulic and gas-powered saws
  • Also Known As:531741
  • shipping_labelFree-UPS-Ground
  • UPC843669025133
  • MPN531741

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