Urrea 5018 9/16in. 12 Point Deep Socket 3/8 Drive

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The URREA 12-point long socket line is appropriate for deep areas, designed to be used when a shank protrudes too high, it still allows the socket to reach the nut
  • F1 The 12-point design has the advantage of distributing better force around a larger area on the nut face, more toward the center, not on the edges
  • F2 The force is distributed on the socket�s lobes, allowing you to fit hexagonal, square nuts and/or screws faster, all this thanks to its Super Drive� geometry, featuring a 30� recovery angle
  • F3 The sockets drive attachment system consists of an internal groove on all four walls, allowing it to easily attach to or remove accessories and ratchets
  • Also Known As:9/16IN DEEP SOCKET 3/8 DR 12PT
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