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Reed RC42S Rotary Pipe Cutter 40-42in. Capacity for Steel Pipe

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Cold cut large diameter steel, most stainless steel, ductile, and cast iron pipe in close quarters. The low profile design of the LCRC models needs only 4in clearance for up to 16in pipe diameter, and only 8in clearance for pipe diameters above 16inon the RC models. Each cutter is supplied with a slip-on handle that is used to turn the cutter around the pipe in one direction. The handle is also used to tighten the cutter every 1/2 revolution. - Best manual cutters for ductile iron. With good leverage from long handle, pipe snaps off squarely before wheel penetrates halfway through pipe. Cutters have heavy-duty frames. - All sizes use the same cutter wheels: either RCS8-36 for steel and RCI8-30 for ductile and cast iron. RCX wheels cut up to 25/32in wall thickness for steel pipe. - NOTE: S= includes cutter wheels for steel; I= for cast and ductile iron. Wheels for same size cutters are interchangeable. Recommend only Reed cutter wheels be used with these cutters. Reed wheels are made from high shock-resistant tool steel on computerized (CNC) machines and then precisely heat treated. This allows for a thinner profile yet stronger blade, so they: Cut easier and faster, - Specially stainless steel and ductile pipe - Last much longer - Provide the best value - Rotary cutters are a Reed invention! Reed Rotary cutters cut pipe safely, easily, quickly, and at a low cost. Provides a square cut and can be used anywhere - in the ditch, underwater, in explosive atmospheres (cold cut), in noise-free zones, over head, in racks of pipes, etc. Reed Rotary cutters last for decades.

  • F1RC42S cuts 40 42in. nominal diameter steel pipe.
  • F2Features a long handle with a ratcheting mechanism and include a separate, professional-grade wrench to tighten the cutter at every half revolution.
  • F3Pipe snaps off squarely once the operator works it manually around the cut zone.
  • F4Heavy-duty frames.
  • F5Only requires 11.8 inches clearance.
  • F6Works best with 2 people.
  • F10WARNING: Cancer and Reproductive Harm -
  • Also Known As:RC42S,3265,03265,
  • shipping_labelFree-UPS-Ground
  • UPC7.57E+11
  • MPNRC42S

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