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Marshalltown 509 6-3/4in x 7/8in Tuck Pointer with Wood Handle

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MARSHALLTOWN Tuck Pointers are used to push mortar into the joints of existing walls during repair. The tuck pointers are forged from a single piece of high carbon steel, tapered for the required sturdiness and offer correct flexibility perfect for any size job. Tooled joints are recommended for exterior applications because the tuck pointer or compacts the mortar to prevent moisture from penetrating the joint. The hardwood handle is strengthened by a metal ferrule.
  • F1Forged from one piece of high carbon steel
  • F2Tapered for the required sturdiness and correct flexibility
  • F3High shank and high lift give plenty of hand room
  • F4Hard wood handle with metal ferrule is securely attached
  • Also Known As:TUCK POINTER
  • UPC035965013093
  • MPN11309

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