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Marshalltown 141D 12in x 3-1/8 RE Magnesium Hand Float-DuraSoft Handle


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While holding a Marshalltown Magnesium Float in your hand, it is easy to understand why finishers demand it. Extruded or cast from the finest magnesium, the float blades are just the right shape and weight to perfectly glide on air entrained concrete and give a smooth finish. A comfortable DuraSoft® handle, positioned just right to provide the perfect balance will make you never want to put this tool down.
  • F1Extruded from very hard, durable, lightweight magnesium
  • F2Fully rounded ends help prevent float marks
  • F3Comfortable handle is positioned to give the tool perfect balance
  • F4Handles are secured with torque pad screws that will not back out
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  • UPC035965041980
  • MPN14198

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