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Kraft BC480 30in. x 30in. Poly Mortar Board

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This 29 In. x 29 In. square mortar board is made from durable polyethylene. This tough material will not splinter or absorb water, and dry mortar will not stick to the board. UV stabilizers protect the product from fading and degradation from the sun. The lightweight polyethylene is easy to use and easy to clean. The top has a lip to contain material for a cleaner work area. It's lightweight making it easy to move around the jobsite. Use it on its own or with a Mortar Stand (BC291). The Mortar Board fits over Mortar Pans to be used as a lid to help prevent material from drying out. Proudly made in the USA. Kraft Tool Co. has been an American manufacturer of quality hand tools for the concrete, masonry, asphalt, plaster, drywall, tile, floor covering, and leveling trades for over 35 years.
  • F1Won't splinter
  • F2Holds material without absorbing water
  • F3Dry mortar won't stick to surface
  • F4Lip keeps material contained
  • Also Known As:mortarboard, mortar board, mortar pan, poly pan, poly board, polyethylene board, mortar pan lid, mortar box lid, lipped board
  • UPC765139114805
  • MPNBC480

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by on October 25, 2011

I've tried these polyethelene motar boards. I bought 10 for my crew. They are flemsy and don't hold up. I had a friend make one for me to try, out of polyurethane and it did exactly as I had hoped. very little flexing and will not wear out! It's more expensive but well worth it!

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