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Klein 80014 14 Piece Electrician Tool Set

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The Klein Tools 14-Piece Electricianft.s Tool Set includes a variety of valuable tools for any professional or do-it-yourself electrician. The set includes 4 sets of pliers and 5 popular screwdriver sizes. It also comes with a tape measure, wire stripper, and convenient leather pouch to hold all of the tools.
  • F1A great assortment of tools for the electrician.
  • F2Contains four pliers, five screwdrivers, one tape measure, a wire stripper/cutter, a pair of protective eyewear, an 8-pocket leather tool pouch and an adjustable tool belt.
  • F38in. (203 mm) Heavy-duty long-nose, side-cutting pliers (D203-8)
  • F4High-leverage side-cutting pliers � fish tape pulling (D213-9NETP)
  • Also Known As:14 Piece Electrician Tool Set, 14-Piece Electrician Tool Set, Klein Tools 14-Piece Electrician Tool Set, klein electrician tool set, klein tools kit, klein 14 piece tool set, klein tools 14 piece electrician tool kit, klein tool kit, 80014, 80014
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  • MPN80014

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