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Kenrich Products - GP1HD Hand Operated, Single Diaphragm, 1.9 Gallon Plastic Hopper


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Our most popular pumps are single diaphragm hand-operated models. The GP-1 has a small 1.9-gallon hopper and can pump up to six gallons per minute with a maximum output pressure of 15 psi. Weighing only 19 pounds allows for great mobility. The supplied standard grout placement hose is 1 ½" ID by 5’ long clear vinyl tubing with a polished interior and a rigid straight steel tube in the end. Optional 1 ½" hoses available in 10’, 15’ and 20’ lengths. Popular options include our ¾" and 1" hose reducer kits which attach directly to the outlet of the pump and are used in place of the standard 1 ½" hose. Click here for more information on our line of GP-1 grout pump.

Kenrich GP-1 Grout Pump Features and Benefits.

  • Cementitious Grout Pump- Pumps non shrink sand based cementitious grouts.
  • Hand Operated- No electric or air power source, no problem.
  • Low Pressure- 15 psi max. - Ideal anywhere high pressure is not required.
  • Heavy Duty- Built for durability and long lasting performance.
  • Lightweight and Portable- Take the pump to where you need the grout.
  • Easy to Operate- Minimal maintenance required.
  • Built with pride in the USA.


Kenrich Pump Specs/ Model GP-1:

Pump Type: Single Diaphragm, Self-Priming
Power Source:  Hand Operated
Output Capacity*:  6 gallons/minute (48 cu. ft./hr.)
Output Pressure:  0 to 15 psi
Hopper Capacity:  .25 cubic foot (1.9 gallons)
Placement Hose Size:  1-1/2" ID by 5’ long, Clear Vinyl
Discharge Head:  10 foot Vertical Lift
Dimensions:  22-1/2" x 10" x 14-1/2" high
Net Weight:  19 pounds

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by on December 22, 2018

Won’t pump 3/8 inch minis mix even with plastisizer.

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by on September 27, 2020

Worked like a champ to pump 5 buckets of mortar Quickly where I needed it to be. Just like it's designed to. I used 3/4 inch hose attachment and worked with no issues. Owner was very friendly and helpful. Fast delivery on time as promised.

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