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H&M - HM02 Standard Beveling Machine 6-12 inch

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Each H & M machine is constructed of durable, lightweight, hard-anodized aluminum for easy transportation to any job site for cutting and beveling 2″ to 36″ pipe precisely, quickly and economically, even under the toughest conditions.

H & M Model 0 and 1

Every ring gear and saddle are precisely machined and calibrated to ± .025 in concentricity and ± .015 in squareness. The standard rear-mounted short saddle aids cutting and beveling in tight locations, while allowing precise back-beveling operations.

H & M’s unique “split horseshoe” design permits easy placement over pipe sections. A quick-operating boomer assembly securely locks the machine to the pipe for an entire 360-degree rotation. No repositioning is ever needed! H & M’s Cuboid Spacer System keeps the spacers on the machine to minimize downtime.

H & M Pipe Beveling Machines save weld prep time and money compared to hand cutting. With easy-to-follow manuals and a few minutes of instruction, any operator can easily make accurate cuts and bevels.

Cuboid Spacer System

H & M’s  Cuboid Spacer System relieves frustration and downtime in looking for lost spacers because the spacers never leave the machine.

The H & M Cuboid is a six-sided form with rectangular sides.   Three specific thicknesses conform to different pipe sizes.  Only four cuboid spacers are used to quickly set up the machine. In the past 12 spacers were required.

The saddle of each H & M machine and the four cuboids allow four specific pipe sizes to be cut.  Each side of every cuboid is clearly stamped to ensure the correct pipe size.   When not in use the cuboid spacers are securely housed on the back of the saddle.  It’s a no-lose proposition in time-saving productivity!

Saddle Design

H & M achieves function and financial advantages for the customer over its competition by designing the precision saddle and ring gear as separate components.

Instead of locating the ring gear in the middle H & M places the saddle behind the ring gear, greatly reducing the risk of warping the saddle while back-beveling.

H & M’s Saddle Assembly is less likely to be damaged; however, if a problem occurs,  this separate component design is more economical in replacement costs.

7CS Solid Torch Holder

Now standard on all H & M Saddle-Type Beveling Machines, the Adjustable Torch Holder, the Out-of-Round Attachment and all shape cutting attachments, the Solid Torch Holder provides greater cutting accuracy, efficiency and strength. A single thumbscrew secures the torch instead of hose clamps. A cotter pin makes the thumbscrew captive to the torch holder, allowing easy removal or replacement of the torch. Precise and simple to use, the Solid Torch Holder means solid performance.

NOTE: The Solid Torch Holder is available for retrofitting to H & M’s Torch Carrier Assembly.  Only two screws are needed for removal and replacement.

2DH Boomer Strap Eye Assembly

Forget cotter pins and S-hooks.  H & M offers a safer, more dependable Boomer Strap Eye on Models 1 and 2 Standard Pipe Beveling Machines. It allows the chain on the boomer assembly to quickly adjust and securely lock the machine to its respective pipe size. The boomer assembly is now a captive member of the machine.

  • F1Standard Pipe Sizes - 6in., 7in., 8in., 10in. and 12in.
  • F2Net Weight - 27 lbs. (12.25 kgs.)
  • F3Manual Operation - Standard. Motorized is optional
  • F4Cuboid Spacers (Pat.) - Standard.
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  • MPNHM02

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