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H&M - BMH-HD Motorized Band-Type Pipe Cutting and Beveling Machine (4 Wheel) ***Does not include band***


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New 4 Wheel Heavy Duty Motorized Beveling Machine Head

Easily portable at only 20 lbs.

  • Constructed of cast aluminum.
  • 4 wheels ride directly on stainless bands
  • 4 wheels allow cut to be unaffected by weld seam in pipe
  • Machine sits level on stainless bands, no adjustment needed

Works with all H & M stainless bands

  • 220 Volt Optional
  • Machine can be used in both vertical or horizontal positions
  • Variable speed control box with forward & reverse capabilities
  • Standard 90-volt DC mtor
  • Speed ranges – 2 ipm to 75 ipm
  • Plsma speeds optional

Easy one-man setup and operation

  • Stainless steel bands provide a cutting range of 10in. to 96in. pipe
  • Special bands are available to cut pipe diameters up to 20 feet
  • shipping_labelFree-UPS-Ground

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