Gearench VWP1 Petol 1-3/8in Valve Wheel Wrench - 13-5/8in Long - Jim & Slims Tool Supply
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Gearench VWP1 Petol 1-3/8in Valve Wheel Wrench - 13-5/8in Long

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The PETOLVALVE WHEEL WRENCH was designed for added safety when opening and closing stubborn valves. The wrench has a special feature which fits over a spoke of the valve wheel to minimize the chance of the wrench slipping off the wheel when force is being applied. In addition to this, the base pad has been improved by a deeper, more rounded design for a better fit on the valve wheel rim. This also reduces the chance of the wrench slipping. Finally, the handle has been designed to provide the worker with a safer, more comfortable gripping area. PETOL Valve Wheel Wrenches are made from aluminum-magnesium and come in three sizes to fit a wide range of valve wheel diameters. WARNING! Protect yourself and others from SERIOUS INJURY! Use as a hand tool only for gripping ??? NOT FOR STRIKING! Never use a cheater or other means to extend handle! Always pull toward base pad! If wrench slips you can be hurt or injure others.

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