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Gearench SCT1838 Surgrip Belt Tong Strap for 26in. Diameter Casing

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This strap is for the SCT1838 PETOL SURGRIP BELT TONG Strap Wrench with 63in Handle. The PETOL BELT TONG strap wrench utilizes a lightweight composite strap to provide features that are truly amazing. The strap is actually stronger than chain - and you don�t have to worry about rust or corrosion. While torque will vary according to diameter, it can deliver up to 197,500 ft.-lbs. of torque. (See Torque Tables on this page and Product Bulletin for details.) One of the most important features of the strap is that it will not come apart, even when it�s broken. Although all tools are safe when used properly, this feature offers added safety in that there are no flying parts if the BELT TONG strap wrench is over-torqued. WARNING - Do Not Exceed Maximum Working Load. Overloading may result in injury or death. Always use a load cell or other calibrated indicating device to monitor the line pull on the tool to avoid overload. Read safe practices & procedures in Data Book prior to operation. Do not operate without a Data Book. Follow OSHA, NSC, etc. standards, safe practices, & procedures.
  • F1157,000 ft.-lbs. Maximum Working Load
  • F2Straps for the BELT TONG strap wrench must be ordered separately.
  • F3NOTE: Safe Practices & Procedures and Torque Arm Lengths are included in the Data Book furnished with each PETOL SURGRIP BELT TONG strap wrench.
  • F4 Recommended Operating Temperature for Straps -94 degrees to 176 degrees F (-70 degrees to 80 degrees C)
  • F5Gripping Width 12in.
  • shipping_labelFree-UPS-Ground
  • MPNSCTB1838-2600

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