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Gearench SCT1838 Surgrip Belt Tong Strap for 26in. Diameter Casing

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This strap is for the SCT1838 PETOL SURGRIP BELT TONG Strap Wrench with 63in Handle. The PETOL BELT TONG strap wrench utilizes a lightweight composite strap to provide features that are truly amazing. The strap is actually stronger than chain - and you don???t have to worry about rust or corrosion. While torque will vary according to diameter, it can deliver up to 197,500 ft.-lbs. of torque. (See Torque Tables on this page and Product Bulletin for details.) One of the most important features of the strap is that it will not come apart, even when it???s broken. Although all tools are safe when used properly, this feature offers added safety in that there are no flying parts if the BELT TONG strap wrench is over-torqued. WARNING - Do Not Exceed Maximum Working Load. Overloading may result in injury or death. Always use a load cell or other calibrated indicating device to monitor the line pull on the tool to avoid overload. Read safe practices & procedures in Data Book prior to operation. Do not operate without a Data Book. Follow OSHA, NSC, etc. standards, safe practices, & procedures.
  • F1157,000 ft.-lbs. Maximum Working Load
  • F2Straps for the BELT TONG strap wrench must be ordered separately.
  • F3NOTE: Safe Practices & Procedures and Torque Arm Lengths are included in the Data Book furnished with each PETOL SURGRIP BELT TONG strap wrench.
  • F4 Recommended Operating Temperature for Straps -94 degrees to 176 degrees F (-70 degrees to 80 degrees C)
  • F5Gripping Width 12in.
  • shipping_labelFree-UPS-Ground
  • MPNSCTB1838-2600

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