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Diamond Blades

Diamond Blades are the best choice for slicing through concrete. These top-quality blades makes cutting through tough concrete simple and clean. Make sure you choose the correct diamond blade for your project by understanding the components of the concrete you are cutting, such as compressive strength, size and hardness of the aggregate, and sand type.

The name says it all – these are saw blades with exposed diamonds on the surface of each segment to cut cleanly through concrete giving a professional finish. The repetitive, abrasive action slices through material as the blade rotates at high speeds. As the diamonds at the surface slowly dull, the matrix gradually sheds away, releasing those worn out diamonds to expose fresh diamonds embedded deeper in the matrix of the blade. This cutting process gives long-lasting, quality use for each blade.

Consider when you are cutting the concrete to help choose the right blade. If you are cutting soft, abrasive concrete, such as uncured or green concrete, choose a diamond blade with a hard metal bond so the exposed diamonds are completely used before they shed away. For cutting the alternative, nonabrasive concrete, choose a blade with a soft bond to give easier erosion of the matrix, which provides exposure of sharp, new diamonds when you need them.

Diamond blades vary in price depending on the diamond content within the blade. For small jobs, an economically-priced blade with fewer diamonds may be the best choice. But for longer jobs where quality is a priority, choose a premium-priced blade to ensure clean, easy cuts throughout the project.

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