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Sleeve Anchors

Sleeve-Alls are pre-assembled expanding sleeve anchors for use in all types of solid base materials. These anchors are available in acorn, hex, rod coupler, flat or round head styles for a wide range of applications.


Carbon and stainless steel.


Carbon Steel: Zinc plated.


Sleeve Anchors shall be zinc plated studs having a minimum 50,000 psi tensile strength with an expansion sleeve meeting AISI 1008 cold rolled steel or type 304 stainless steel stud with a type 304 stainless steel expansion sleeve, as called for on the drawings. Sleeve anchors shall meet Federal Specifications A-A-1922A. Anchors shall be Sleeve-Alls from Simpson Strong-Tie, Pleasanton, CA. Anchors shall be installed following Simpson Strong-Tie's instructions for Sleeve-Alls.


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