Werner - K111204 Roofing Duffel Bag Kit, 50 ft Basic, Pass-thru Buckle Harness

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The Werner K111204 50 ft basic roofing duffel bag kit with pass-thru buckle harness contains all of the fall protection products necessary for safe working and code compliance for roofing applications. The system is easy to install and use on a variety of roof pitches. Kit includes a BASEWEAR harness with pass-through buckle leg straps, reusable roof anchor, 50 ft Poly-dac rope, and a manual rope grab with an integrated 3 ft shock absorbing lanyard, packaged in a duffel bag.
  • F1Contains all of the necessary products for safety and fall protection code compliance
  • F2Easy to install and use on a range of roof pitches
  • F3Includes BASEWEAR harness with pass-through buckles, 3 ft lanyard with manual rope grab, 50 ft of rope lifeline and a reusable roof anchor with fasteners
  • F4Packaged in a duffel bag
  • Also Known As:Werner, K111204, duffel bag, carry, bag, fall protection, roofing, construction, maintenance kit
  • UPC051751119770
  • MPNK111204

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