Werner - C111106 6 ft Web Positioning Laynard (1 in Web, 2 Snaphook)

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Werner positioning and restraint lanyards do not include any energy absorption features, so they are intended for work positions and restraint applications only. Unique wear indicating polyester webbing allows for easy inspection and provides durability that will last. The BigHead Safety Hook is designed to prevent false engagement.
  • F1Recommended for work positioning and restraint applications only
  • F2WebAlert Inspectable polyester webbing makes wear and damage visible and obvious, making inspection easier, while providing durability that will last
  • F3BigHead Safety Hook is designed to prevent false engagement when connecting to the harness
  • F46 ft length
  • Also Known As:Werner, C111106, fall protection, lanyards, restraint, polyester webbing, BigHead Safety Hook
  • UPC051751103823
  • MPNC111106

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