Reed SC1B Replacement Blade

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Scissor shears squeeze together for fast cutting of thin wall and small diameter PVC, PE, PEX, ABS, rubber or nylon tubing. Rotate scissor shears around tubing while squeezing handles together for the best cut. All models feature a grip design for secure hold. Interior rib design to greatly increase its strength. SC125 is nearly identical to the SC1, but has a slightly longer cradle and blade which gives it a larger capacity. Each shear includes a built-in plastic end clip to keep the handles closed for storage. SC1 and SC125 blades are non-stick coated, high carbon steel construction.
  • F1Replacement blade for SC1 scissor shears.
  • F2Cuts PE, ABS, PEX, PVC, conduit, rubber hose, reinforced vinyl, cordage, nylon tubing.
  • F3Industrial-grade, non-stick blade.
  • F4Use scissor shears with blade on bottom.
  • Also Known As:SC1B,scissor shear blade, scissor shears blade, shears blade, cutting blade,94170,
  • UPC757033941700

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