Reed RSPUD Smooth Jaw Spud Wrench - 2-5/8in Capacity.

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Reed offers large capacity wrenches for geometric and delicate work. The R110HEX hex wrench works for hex-shaped fittings on meters, drains, spuds, and chrome valves without damage from teeth. The RSPUD wrench is for square, hex, or octagonal shapes where toothed pipe wrenches are not a good option. Both are heavy duty, made from ductile iron and forged steel, offering larger capacity than adjustable wrenches.

  • F1Large capacity wrenches that will not mar chrome, brass or other fittings.
  • F2The smooth jaws are gentle on finished and visible surfaces.
  • Also Known As:RSPUD,02112,
  • UPC757033021129

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