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Reed PPJ Plastic Pipe Joiner

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With 28-to-1 leverage, it is easy for one person to join PVC pipe up to 16in gasketed or up to 12in solvent cement joints, using a Reed Plastic Pipe Joiner.

FOR GASKETED PIPE: The Plastic Pipe Joiner can connect and separate 4in - 16in IPS and cast iron size gasketed pipe. Components required for joining gasketed pipe include the Plastic Pipe Joiner (PPJ) and V-shaped saddles (PPJVS). Gasketed pipe is found in underground work such as utility work, among other places.

FOR SOLVENT CEMENT CONNECTIONS: The Plastic Pipe Joiner connects solvent cement joints on all pipe schedules, IPS, and water pipe from 4in - 12in. For solvent cement connections, individually sized saddles must be ordered together with the Plastic Pipe Joiner (PPJ) and the plastic pipe joiner fitting attachment (PPJFA). PPJFA is only used for branch attachments. Solvent cement joining occurs at places such as processing plants, water treatment facilities and industrial locations, among other applications.

NOTE: Connection saddles for gasketed pipe (PPJVS) or solvent cement connections (Plastic Pipe Joiners - Saddles) must be purchased separately.

  • F1Controlled feed by user prevents over-insertion.
  • F2Easily join or separate gasketed 4in.-16in. PVC pipe using the PPJ and PPJVS universal saddles.
  • F3Efficiently connect 4in.- 12in. (114 - 324 mm) PVC solvent cement joints using the PPJ and individually sized saddles.
  • F4PPJFA Fitting Attachment is required for solvent cement branch connections only.
  • Also Known As:PPJ,4446,04446,
  • UPC757033044449

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