Reed PES22CTS 1/2-2in Cts Stops Double Bottom Bar Squeeze

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Reed offers the best designed PE Squeeze-Off Tools for stopping flow in PE pipe with capacities of 1/2in to 8in. Different models come with a variety of features to handle a wide range of applications. Sliding bar handles make work in tight places easier and increase leverage for tightening. Other features of PE Squeeze-Off Tools include fine-pitched thread to allow for a controlled, low-effort squeeze; greased fittings to make operation easier and extend life; and aluminum parts to make tools lighter for easier handling. Aluminum castings also withstand varied climate and soil conditions.
  • F1Heavy-duty construction for use on CTS pipe.
  • F2Double-bar design offers two squeeze points for extra security.
  • F3Change the stops to use tool on other pipe types.
  • F4Two-position handle for work location options.
  • F5Fine thread for smooth squeeze from the operator.
  • F6Grease fittings at friction points. Uses a pair of rotating stops to prevent damage to the pipe. Swing out arm to easily get tool around the pipe.
  • Also Known As:PES2-2CTS,PEX, shutoff, shut-off, emergency pipe, crimp, crimpers, crimping, PES22CTS, 04324,04324,
  • UPC757033043220

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