Reed Hpc8 Guillotine Pipe Cutter for 3-8in PE Pipe

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These robust tools are designed to cut PE pipe thicker than SDR17 within 1/8in (3 mm) of square on up to 8in medium and high density pipe so that no facing is needed for electrofusion and only minimal facing for butt fusion joints. Its durable blade with an industrial-grade, non-stick coating makes many square cuts with no chips to clog valves and small openings. And the blade is easy to sharpen or replace. The tapered blade on Reed Guillotine Cutters makes straighter cuts and lasts longer because it's not prone to breakage like pointed blades. This tool is safer than abrasive saws because no PE chip residue remains in the pipe that may later clog valves.
  • F1Cuts PE up to 8in. (225 mm).
  • F2Squarest cut available, within 1/8in. (3 mm) on medium and high density pipe, due to strong frames and unique blade design.
  • F3Saves facing cost: no facing needed for electrofusion, less needed for butt-fusion.
  • F4Requires minimal clearance, only 4in. � 6in. (102 - 152 mm) around pipe.
  • F5Clean and safe! No chips to clog valves and aperatures.
  • F6Many high quality cuts, with durable non-stick coated (resharpenable and replaceable) tool steel blade.
  • Also Known As:HPC8,4608,04608,
  • UPC757033046047

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