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Olfa LWB3B 18MM Solid Insulation Blades, 3/pk


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The OLFA 18mm Insulation Blade (Model: LWB-3B) is ideal for cutting all types of insulation such as mechanical and HVAC insulation, batt and roll Insulation, foam board or rigid foam, and structural insulated panels (SIP) & expanded polystyrene insulated panels (EPS). The serrated blade makes it easy to cut through all types of insulation wool. It is also great for cutting ROXUL Sound Proofing. Contractors have informed me that they were able to do neat, clean cutouts around electrical boxes while still leaving an inch+ of insulation behind the electric box. Because this blade fits in all the different 18mm size OLFA handles, there is the added benefit that the knife can be manually retracted into the handle when not in use.
  • F1Unique serrated edge helps to easily cut through all types of insulation materials
  • F2Solid blade allows for the user to fully extend to cut through various thickness.
  • F33 blades per pack.
  • F4Extended length blade for cutting thicker materials such as fiberglass insulation, rigid foam board and more
  • Also Known As:OLFA, 18mm, insulation blades, serrated edge blade, LWB-3B
  • UPC091511230055
  • MPN1119182

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