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Klein 93LDM65 Laser Distance Measurer 65 FT / 20 M

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Klein Tools Laser Distance Measurer is designed to give you easy jobsite/worksite estimating of layout and required materials. The tool accurately verifies the distance between two points and is particularly handy at distances over 30 feet, the length of the longest tape measure. The Laser Distance Measurer also offers volume estimating for HVAC installers.
  • F1Meter provides measurements up to 65-feet in distance, at an accuracy of + or - 1/16''
  • F2Quickly calculates area, length and volume with large, easy-to read buttons
  • F3Provides both fractional (imperial) and metric readings
  • F4Offers the option of one-touch, single-distance measurement and continuous measurement
  • UPC092644930034
  • MPN93LDM65

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