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H&M - HM01 Standard Beveling Machine 3-8 inch

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Each machine is constructed of lightweight, hard-anodized aluminum, assuring durability and easy transportation to every job site. Anywhere you go you will be able to cut and bevel 2in to 36in pipe accurately, swiftly and economically, even under the toughest conditions. How accurately? Each ring gear and saddle is precisely machined, assembled and calibrated to .025 in concentricity and .015 in squareness. Each machine is equipped with a rear-mounted short saddle for cutting and beveling in tight locations. The rear-mounted saddle allows precise back-beveling operations without sacrificing the machine?s integrity. How swiftly? Our machines? unique split horseshoe design permits easy placement over pipe sections. A quick-operating boomer assembly secures each machine to the pipe during the entire 360-degree rotation; no repositioning is necessary. Our patented Cuboid Spacer System minimizes downtime by keeping the spacers on the machine. When using our No. 3 Standard Pipe Beveling Machine, for example, a 20in-diameter pipe can be completely cut and beveled in about four minutes. How economically? Using H & M Pipe Beveling Machines saves weld prep time and money compared to hand cutting. Anyone can make accurate cuts and bevels with just a few minutes of instruction. Easy-to-follow manuals are provided with each machine.
  • F1Standard Pipe Sizes - 3in., 4in., 6in. and 8in.
  • F2Net Weight - 18 lbs. (8.17 kgs.)
  • F3Manual Operation - Standard. Motorized is optional
  • F4Cuboid Spacers (Pat.) - Standard.
  • shipping_labelFree-UPS-Ground
  • MPNHM01

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