Chicago Pneumatic CP0009a Combo Rotary Hammer Drill-Demo Hammer

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The versatile CP 0009 rotary hammers are ideal machines for a wide variety of building construction and maintenance applications such as:

  • Drilling, chipping or chasing in concrete walls
  • Roof drilling for the suspension of ventilation ducts in buildings, mines, tunnels, etc.
  • Drilling holes in plaques, monuments, tombstones, etc., for the insertion of plugs, studs, etc.
  • As a hammer, these tools can be used for chipping, scarifying, scaling, and cleaning welds
  • Drilling holes and chipping in the heating, water and sanitation industries, and in electrical installations

Excellent power-to-weight ratio to drill holes more easily and faster than with comparable electric rotary hammers.

  • Quick-release retainer for changing the drills simply and quickly to suit all different types of drilling and chipping applications
  • Built-in oiler provides continuous lubrication
  • Teasing throttle for precise control
  • Low air consumption
  • A and F versions feature a rotation release button, converting the machine from a drill to a chipper
  • AC, CS and ES versions can be converted from a drill to a chipper by changing the tool
  • Cushioned piston for smooth operation and longer machine life
  • Muffler available to reduce noise
  • Right-hand rotation
  • Equipped with an SDS adaptor, CP 0009 a, ac, and cs can be used with electric hammer drill bits
  • The CP 0009 is used for drilling holes from 8 to 25 mm in diameter, and up to 300 mm in depth. However, above 25 mm in diameter, we recommend first performing a test to prevent excessive wear
  • Small, easy to handle
  • MPNCP 0009A

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