CSO1R 3/4 - 1in Copper Service Line Shut Off Tool

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Copper Shut-Off Tools are designed to shut-off and reshape Type K service line copper tube.  The shut-off tool swings open to go handily around the pipe. Fine threads on the feed screw provide smooth, easy tightening. The support handle can be positioned in two different spots, depending on where there is clearance. The bottom open area of the shut-off tool is used to reround the copper tube after the repair to allow 80-90% return of flow. Generally there is no noticeable flow difference to the customer after the tube is rerounded.  All parts are corrosion protected for long service life. Grease fittings for lubrication maintenance yield long tool life and easy operation.

  • F1CSO1R shuts-off and reshapes 3/4” – 1” Type K copper tubing.
  • F2Redesigned with detachable, ratchet drive handle, Reed’s CSO1R stores compactly in its included, heavy-duty case.
  • F3They are designed only for use on soft copper tube service lines.
  • F4Support handle can be positioned in two different, perpendicular angles for job demands.
  • F5CSO1R steel castings provide superior tool strength.
  • Also Known As:CSO1,squeeze tool, squeeze tools, squeeze off tools, squeeze off tool, copper squeeze tool, copper squeeze tools, shut off tool, shut off tools, copper shut off tool, copper shut off tools,08200,08200,Similar to Wheeler Rex 85 3/4in.- 1in. Pipe Shut Off Tools For Copper Pipe
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