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ADA Cast in Place Detectable Warning Mat 2ft x 3ft Brick-Red


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The ADA compliant Truncated Domes Detectable Warning Mat is the most trusted safety flooring for use in new curb ramps and construction, stairwells, metro platforms, and marinas. All of the ADA truncated dome tactile surfaces are in full compliance with the American Disabilities Act Accessibility Guidelines (ADAAG), Public Right-of-Way (PROW), and California Title 24 Requirements.

Cast in Place Tactile is made of a durable exterior grade homogenous glass, carbon, and fiberglass reinforced composite material which is colorfast and UV stable to prevent any glare. This durable tile is a great long-term solution under any weather conditions.

The units come in a variety of sizes and colors. Panels are available in 2’x3’ , 2’x4’ , 2’x5’ , 3’x4’ and 3’x5’ sizes with a 0.25 in. thickness; however, the units may also be configured to accommodate specific project requirements. Standard colors include the following: Federal  Yellow,  Seattle  Yellow,  White,  Brick Red, Clay Red, Safety Red, Blue, Dark Gray and Black.

The truncated domes have a center-to-center spacing of 2.35 inches to maximize wheel mobility within the ADA regulations, a diameter of nominal 0.9 inch, and nominal 0.2 inch height.

INSTALLATION - Tactile Units are to be used on new curb ramp locations. The Tactile Units can be pre-filled with concrete and set in place or pressed into place in the freshly poured concrete.

Installation Procedure

Be sure to read and understand all of these instructions before you begin.

  1. The physical characteristics of the concrete shall be as specified in the contract documents while maintaining a slump range of 4-7 to permit the solid placement of the Tactile Unit in the wet cement.
  2. The concrete shall be poured and finished level, true and smooth to the required dimensions prior to the placement of the Tactile Unit.
  3. Place the Tactile Unit 6-8 inches from the curb line. Working in a grid pattern, tamp the Tactile Unit into the wet concrete using a rubber mallet and a piece of wood. Continue this process until all of the air has been released, and the Tactile Unit surface is flush with the surrounding area. IMPORTANT: Avoid striking the surface of the Tactile Unit directly.
  4. Following the placement, the Tactile Unit elevation should be checked to the adjacent surface with a straight edge. The Tactile Unit elevation should be consistent with the contract drawings and specifications. Any required adjustments must be made prior to the time when the concrete begins to set.
  5. IMPORTANT NOTICE TO INSTALLER: To allow for expansion and contraction, after tile is installed, use a 1/4in. finish edge trowel around entire perimeter. On a continuous run, be sure to space each unit 1/8in. apart.
  6. When you are confident that the Tactile Unit is in place, and no further adjustments are needed, place a cinder block on both ends to hold the Tactile Unit in place while the concrete sets.
  7. During and after the Tactile Unit installation, as well as the concrete curing stage, no walking or external forces can be placed on the Tactile Unit. The area must be protected from pedestrian traffic until concrete is cured. The Tactile Warning Surface will be ready for pedestrian traffic within 2-4 hours.
  8. Be sure to remove plastic protective covering from the face of the Tactile Unit once the concrete is cure


  • F124in. x 36in. Cast In Place Truncated Dome Detectable Warning Systems
  • F2Center to Center Dome Spacing 2.35"
  • F3For use in new curb ramps or new construction
  • F4Pressed into place in freshly poured concrete
  • F5Cast-In-Place Tiles have a 1/4in. nominal thickness and feature embedment ribs 3in. on center through entire length of tile
  • F6Plastic sheeting protection covers entire surface of Cast-In-Place Tile
  • Also Known As:Replaceable Paver, Replaceable, ADA Tile, ADA tiles, tiles,truncated dome mats, Detectable Warning Surfaces, Tactile Warning Surfaces
  • MPN2436IDPAV2-BR

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