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3M Protecta AC202D Cobra Manual 5/8in Rope Grab


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We have you covered with a complete line of PRO™ mobile and static rope grabs, along with a wide variety of lifelines to meet your work needs. All of our rope grabs are made of high grade corrosion resistant materials. Our most popular PRO™ rope grabs automatically follow you, giving you maximum freedom and hands-free operation. They can be detached or removed anywhere along the lifeline. The rope grabs utilize a cam lever brake to lock the rope grab onto the lifeline in case of a fall; some also incorporate a secondary inertial brake in the event the operator holds the device open in a panic situation. They will also reduce the arresting forces on a worker if there is a fall. We also manufacture a complete range of lifelines for use with our rope grabs

  • Mobile design automatically follows user
    Provides hands-free operation automatically following user as they ascend or descend providing maximum freedom of movement.
  • Manual option allows user to fix in place
    User can place in static mode which fixes device in place unless the user manually moves the grab up or down the lifeline, making it ideal for restraint or work positioning applications.
  • Cam locking system for safety
    A simple yet extremely effective brake system utilizes a cam lever to stop a falling user and maintain safe fall arrest distances and forces.
  • Detachable anywhere along the lifeline
    Allows the user to attach or remove the device anywhere along the rope lifeline for greater jobsite flexibility.
  • Durable and lightweight corrosion resistant contruction
    A zinc plated steel build will stand up to the harshest environments for added field longevity.
  • For use with 5/8" (16 mm) diameter polyester/polypropylene blend rope lifeline
    Fits the most common rope size for rope grabs - order 50 ft. (15 m) lifeline 1299997 separately, other lengths available.
  • Use with 3 ft. (0.9 m) shock absorbing lanyard
    Provides added safety and security by limiting fall arrest forces imposed on a user during a fall - order 1341002 lanyard separately, others available.
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  • MPNAC202D

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