Pipe Fit-Up Clamps

Sumner clamps are designed for long-lasting use, versatility, and affordability. Practically a four-in-one tool, the Sumner Ultra Clamp covers a wide range of sizes and applications – pipe to pipe, pipe to fitting, pipe to flange, and pipe to tee. Additionally, Sumner offers the Ultra Qwik Clamp, specially designed with a push-button feature for rapid-action setting and fine-tune thread adjustment. The Sumner Ultra Fit Pipe Clamp takes precise clamp adjustments further with a rugged, compact design for use in tight locations on 90-degree applications. If you are looking to buy a push-button clamp for rapid-action setting and fine-tune thread adjustment, choose the specially-designed Ultra Qwik Fit Pipe Clamp.

No matter your needs in welding work, there are additional options to secure your project. The Sumner DX Pipe Welding Clamp, also known as the Drop Forged Pipe Clamp, is tough enough to handle any use or abuse. We offer five models, covering pipe diameters from one to fourteen inches. These strong and durable clamps feature adjustment screws with hardened steel balls that secure and tighten on the pipe. If you are looking for the best flange fit-up tool, the Sumner Internal Fit-Up Clamp is the ideal option in alignment tools. Two independently operated internal clamps align flange to pipe, even if internal dimensions differ. When you are working with pipe in a vee-head jack stand, consider using the Sumner HOLDE pipe clamp. Available in two sizes, buy this clamp with rugged steel frame and quick-button release to secure and free your work quickly and safely.

To complete your welding toolbox, consider a Sumner Fit Kit, Clamp Champ Kit, Clamp Champ II Kits, or Conversion Kit. These kits offer complete packages with the most commonly used tools to suit various sizes and job. Available in standard or stainless steel, choose the package offering the ideal tools to meet your professional welding work.



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