TSS Total Slurry Vacuum System

TSS Total Slurry Vacuum System

Durable, High Performance for the Construction Site

Total Slurry Solutions™ (TSS) is a line of products designed to make your job easier and cleaner. The TSS™ product line provides an easy way to contain and dispose of the slurry produced when wet-sawing or drilling in concrete or other masonry or stone material. Tailored specifically for use on concrete slurry, the high-performance vacuum systems in the TSS™ product line provide the power and durability necessary to deal with the harsh environment and demands of the construction job site. When used as a complete system along with an ICS® 853 Pro Series saw, the amount of slurry captured in the tank is 70% of the water input. TSS™ vacuum systems are versatile enough for any job site clean-up project and are suitable for both wet and dry applications.


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