ICS - SpeedHook System

ICS - SpeedHook System

Reduce Operator Fatigue and Extend Chain Life with SpeedHook®

SpeedHook® is an ingenious accessory designed to support the weight of ICS® saws, dramatically reducing operator fatigue, ensuring straight cuts, and extending chain life. Attaching quickly and easily, SpeedHook® is convertible to left-hand or right-hand operation, and expandable with 42" (107 cm) sections. SpeedHook® has been redesigned to include a new plastic cam to ensure even straighter cuts with less operator know-how.

New SpeedHook® Video Features and Benefits:

  • Extremely Inexpensive (Compared to wall saws)
  • Simple and Easy to Use
  • Accurate, Straight Cuts in Deep Walls
  • Lightweight 18 Lbs (8 kg)
  • Adjustable Two Anchor Mounting
  • Convertible Left or Right Side Use
  • Expandable 42" (105cm) Sections
  • Effortless Vertical and Horizontal Sawing
  • Stable Cutting Increases Diamond Chain Life
  • Laser Cut, Heat Treated, Plated Construction


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