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ICS Powergrit Utility Saws & Chains

ICS PowerGrit utility saws and chains are designed to quickly cut through the largest ductile, cast iron and PVC pipes with more control and less excavation. When repair time is critical, the ICS PowerGrit utility chainsaw cuts through the pipe entirely from just one side, up to 20 inches wide, with hydraulic and pneumatic and 16in with the gas powered. Additionally, there is no need to drain the trench with the fully-submersible hydraulic model, allowing operators to spend less time digging trenches and finish the job faster. ICS PowerGrit Utility Saws and Chains are ideal for professional use and utilized by public and private water and wastewater departments around the world.

ICS PowerGrit utility saws and chains operate with a brazed-layer diamond coating and patent-pending chain design, allowing operators to cut from one side, reducing excavation time. The PowerGrit® method is the safest and protects the operator with more control of the cut and no rotational kickback. Using a rotary blade to cut through pipe is dangerous and time consuming. The blade on the ICS PowerGrit Utility allows for a stable, steady slice with no rocking or jerking, which protects the operator and maintains the integrity of the pipe.

Water service is critical to homes and businesses, and no customer expects to go without water for long. Available with many different bar and chain lengths, the ICS PowerGrit Utility Saws and Chains are versatile enough to use on small pipe repairs or larger water main breaks.  Minimize repair time with these hardworking, dependable chainsaws specially-designed with utility work in mind.


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