814PRO Hydraulic Saw, Chains & Bars

ICS 814PRO hydraulic saw, chains, and bars are the lightweight but powerful option for even the largest job. Weighing approximately 15 pounds, this lightweight tool cuts smoothly with perfect precision, slicing concrete squares as small as 3.5 inches.

The portability and strength of the ICS 814PRO Hydraulic Saw makes it perfect for utility work, but this durable and lightweight saw is a great tool for any size project. The saw cuts quickly through not only concrete but red brick, iron pipe and rebar. The ICS hydraulic saw is available with a 13-inch bar and TwinPro Diamond chain. Sharp, long-lasting diamond chains offer maximum precision and ensure your cuts start straight and finish straight.  These items are available for individual purchases or buy the items together as a money-saving package.

Hydraulic Saws have many advantages including maximum power and portability while avoiding damaging gas fumes and emissions that can be unpleasant for the operator. Additionally, the small size gives the worker the ability to reach the smallest locations but without sacrificing horsepower. Minimize worker fatigue with a lighter tool that doesn't weigh down the operator, giving him more time and energy to focus on the job at hand. The ICS 814PRO Hydraulic Saw, Chains and Bars are valuable for all projects, no matter how large or small. Making a clean cut in a hard-to-reach location will be simple and fast with the 814PRO. Save time and ensure workers have all the tools they need by having this hydraulic saw available at your job site.


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