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695XL F4/633F4/695F4 Gas Saws, Chains & Bars

ICS Gas-Powered concrete chainsaws, chains, and bars are the durable, powerful, and efficient tools to cut thick concrete, rebar in concrete, and other tough materials. Sharp, long-lasting diamond chains offer maximum precision and ensure your cuts start straight and finish straight. The ICS F4-series saws are versatile and work on many tough surfaces - concrete, stone, masonry, ductile iron, cast iron pipe and rebar just to name a few. The ICS F4-series concrete chainsaws use the revolutionary ProFORCE diamond chains specifically designed to be the strongest, longest lasting diamond chain ever made. The chains are available in many different lengths to meet any concrete cutting need. Built for frequent use on demanding jobs, the ICS concrete chainsaws are designed for repeated use by general construction, utility contractors and concrete professionals.

The ICS F4-series chainsaws are the deepest, most versatile gas powered saws available.  The high-energy ignition system makes starting the engine simple and fast on these ICS F4-series gas/petrol saws. The durable engine is long-lasting with a newly-designed muffler, carburetor, piston and cylinder, and saw bars range from 12 to 16 inches. Choosing the best chain is critical to maintaining the value of your saw purchase. The ProFORCE diamond chains are specific to ICS, the inventors of Diamond Chain Technology. Buying an ICS ProFORCE Diamond Chain ensures maximum efficiency from your concrete saw.

Cutting concrete is a tough job, and these saws are built with vibration isolation for decreased operator fatigue. The mud flap guard for slurry deflection and safe operation protect the worker when operating the saw. ICS Gas-Powered concrete chainsaws, chains, and bars are the best, most powerful, most versatile and longest-lasting option available for cutting through concrete. Make sure you have the strongest concrete saws for all your tough, cutting needs, available only with ICS Gas-Powered concrete saws.



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