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Benner Nawman Tier Accessories

Rebar tiers are an essential tool for saving time and money when working with rebar. The tool can wrap tie wire around rebar, then twist and cut the rebar instantly. Rebar tiers are will increase productivity and efficiency of your project, saving you time and money. Rebar tiers are a great tool for any construction professional, from those who pour slab foundations, work large-scale construction, or renovate homes and businesses.

The Benner-Nawman BNT-40 Automatic Rebar Tier comes with all the accessories you need to quickly tie rebar up to #6 (20mm). It is portable and comes standard with two lithium-ion batteries and four spools of 21-gauge tie wire. The battery has a long-lasting charge giving you more than 2,000 ties in one charge. Charge the extra battery in about 40 minutes so that you are always ready to work with a full-powered battery.

The most valuable tool on your job site is you and your crew. Tying rebar with a set of pliers can be a long, hard project. The repetitive task of bending over the rebar and using pliers to make the tie risks workers developing wrist damage, back injuries, and overall discomfort. Automatic rebar tiers are compact and lightweight, weighing about 5 pounds. This automatic portable tool is perfect for any construction professional looking to increase productivity on any project. Make sure to Include the arm extension option so that you can use the automatic rebar tier while standing. There’s no question about it, automatic rebar tiers reduce worker fatigue and soreness, saving you time and money.


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