Pipe Rigging - Pipe Transport - Tool Storage

B&B continues to offer new and innovative products for pipe work. The B&B pipe launcher stand is an ideal and efficient way to move pipe. The rigging rollers have fully compatible parts that can change from a pipe rack clamping roller to a pipeline launcher in just a few minutes. The unique clamping system fastens the roller to an I-beam from both sides of the flange. This option is great for installing and fabricating pipe in pipe-racks or other tight or enclosed areas. Also, the roller mechanism can be attached to a stand better suited for pipeline work and/or directional drilling.

For transporting heavy-duty pipes, B&B has options to meet every need. The Baby Buggy Pipe Hauler with flat free tires carries pipes up to 16 inches in length, fittings, packages and more. The hold down strap provides extra security for moving most any object. Also, consider a Pipe Transport cart with a removable V attachment to give the option to transport squares or flat objects. This cart features 6 wheels under the platform making it ideal for fab shop transport of pipes up to 24 feet in length and 2,000 pounds. Additionally, consider a Pipe sling specifically designed for pipeline installation projects.

For heavy fall fabrication projects, up to 48 inches, the Mega Roller is the equipment you need. Featuring urethane rollers, this heavy-duty jack can withstand the toughest pipe fabrication abuse. The Mega Roller safely holds large diameter pipe off the ground and offers extra features like four-way forklift capabilities or optional v-groove wheels.

A heavy gauge sheet metal storage box is ideal for the toughest job sites to protect your tools. We offer a huge selection of tools to round out your pipe storage and portability needs.

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