Pipe Jacks and Pipe Stands

B&B offers the most complete lines of durable, long-lasting pipe jacks. Offering multiple base and head options, there is a perfect option for your job. B&B’s innovative folding pipe jacks are known to be the best in the market with added features and increased body dimension. Their standard "V" head offers multiple features at an affordable price.

Choose between models with three or four legs and a wider, safer stance offering increased stability. Choose a head with stainless steel or rubber rotating wheels to easily maneuver your pipe and round welding work. Consider a super-duty V head or a roller head with steel wheels, depending on the project at hand. B&B offers designs that fold up for easy portability.

For additional safety, B&B jacks have eliminated the adjustment washer, inside tube, and T handle, making them easier to use and reducing the potential for operator error. For extreme versatility and efficiency in a jack, consider purchasing a Giant Jack 5-leg package. The package features turning wheels in steel, stainless steel, and rubber surfaces. There are multiple add-ons available, such as stainless steel sleeves, hold down chain, and many more.

Pipe fabricators can never have too many options in pipe jacks and pipe stands. Choose the brand of jacks offering the most diverse selection of jack heads to ensure you have the perfect equipment for all types of work. If you are currently not using a B&B pipe jack or pipe stands, try one out, and we are confident you will be satisfied.

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