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Material Lifts

We carry a wide variety on contractor grade material lifts, pipe lifts, and gantries. These lifts are built to handle the challenging demands of job site use. Choose from our selection of lifts to fit any application: duct lifts, A/C lifts, pipe lifts, beam lifts, drywall lifts, gantry lifts, and more.

We have quite a selection of forked material lifts, as well. Some are small, lightweight lifts that will only lift 53in. high, making them ideal for loading trucks and vans. Others lifts have the ability to reach over 25ft. Most of our lifts are easy to transport and usually can be moved and set up by one or two people; many will easily fit into the back of a pickup truck or van. If you need to get close to a wall, choose the Sumner Counter Weight Lift, as this lift is designed to lift material right against walls, withought any front legs to get in the way. Another option for heavy lifts is the Sumner Axil lift with up to 1100lbs.

For commercial duct work, large piping, or other jobs where you need a sturdy lift with large capacity and the ability to lift up to 25ft, the Sumner Roust-A-Bout or Fab-Mate are great choices. The mast and base can be separated to transport easily from one job to the next. The 8in. casters make it easy to move around, even with a load. The Roust-A-Bout can also be used to lift or lower material below floor level. These lifts can make a two man job a one man job.

Gantry lifts are a good choice for lifting motors, A/C units, and other applications where the load can be straddled. Choose from ¾ ton, 2 ton, and 5 ton capacties, which will fit a wide variety of applications. The ¾ ton and 2 ton gantries offer the choice of 8ft, 10ft, 12ft, and 15ft beams. The 5 ton gantry has 12ft or 15ft options. The trolley is included, so you only need to add the hoist. These lifts are fast and easy to set up on the job in just a few minutes and just as easy to disassemble, collapse down, load up, and move on to the next job. With these choices, you're sure to find a gantry to fit most applications.

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